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Why choose a Planner?

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

So, he popped the big question and you said yes! Congratulations! After the excitement wears off and you start to plan do you find yourself asking “Where do I start?”  This is a common thought amongst newly engaged brides. You know what you want but, you do not know how to go about finding it and staying within your budget. The solution to your problem is simple, hire a planner. Now, before you assume that hiring a planner will cost you more in the long run here are a few reasons why hiring a planner is both beneficial as well as a penny saver.


Planning a wedding can take an estimated 150-250 hours to plan. The average bride usually has no time to spend on meeting with vendors, looking at venues, making schedules, etc. Many brides have a full time job, are in school, taking care of her kids or even juggling all three. Hiring a planner will essentially eliminate all of the time consumed by scheduling. A good planner will find and present you with the best options for you and your big day; no looking and no searching. Your planner should narrow down several time and date options for you and work with your schedule to identify a time for you to meet and interview with each vendor.

Attention to Detail

There are so many minor details to think about when planning a wedding. It is the little things that one might overlook, or simply not have the time to get a task executed properly. A planner has a trained eye. Their goal is to catch things that a bride might miss and your planner will also be able to add the finishing touches on items such as invitations, favors, place cards and more. Hiring  a planner provides newly engaged brides an “extra eye” to detail and an opportunity to enjoy the planning process and most importantly “The Big Day!”

Stress Free

Your engagement should be a happy, fun, and exciting experience. Unfortunately, stress can come in quite early in the planning process. Not being able to book a vendor, not finding exactly what you’re looking for, or even trying to figure out which theme or colors to choose can be extremely nerve-racking. An experienced planner has years under his or her belt and is up to date on the latest trends to lend you his or her opinion and provide solutions so your wedding is exactly what you want without sacrificing anything. Your planner will save the day more than once during your planning period. Helping you to enjoy your engagement and have fun planning your wedding is what your planner should aim for.

Saving your pennies

Most brides are under the impression that having a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wedding will save them hundreds on their overall wedding cost. Overall, this is a false assessment. Most DIY brides set aside a budget for each category from catering to venues to photography. When separated this way, you’re adding on service charges that could be avoided. A planner will have several relationships with various vendors to work with to save you in the overall cost. Your planner will be able to offer you choices that will fit into your budget without sacrificing service or talent.

Day Of Disasters

I can not begin to tell you how many times a bride says her sister, mother or best friend, who is also doubling as the maid of honor, will be coordinating on the day of. This creates so much stress for whoever is chosen as well as the bride. When you chose a family member or a member of the bridal party to coordinate on the day of your wedding, you are not only cutting their focus on your event but also their time to prepare themselves and more importantly, you as the bride. On the day of your wedding, family and friends are the most ideal when they are helping to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach and pampering you they’re running in circles trying to figure out where the caterer is, where the extra center pieces are, and anything else that could go wrong. Hiring a planner will ensure you have adequate substitutions, excess materials, and sufficient funds to pay off any vendors that day. Your planner will have everything and everyone in place by the time you are ready to walk down the aisle.

Bottom Line

Hiring a planner is a must for a stress free wedding. Your planner will be able to offer you solutions, budget friendly and talented vendors, offer professional opinions, more you time and less stress. Your planner will be your best friend for the months of planning and I assure you, even after everything is said and done you will be forever grateful to your planner and his or her team.

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